Daily Programming

Daily Life Skills and Addiction programming is open to the public but does require pre-registration.  To find out more about the programming topics please visit the Programming information page.  If you are interested in attending the programming please click the following link to start the pre-registration process.

Sober Living


Residents in Recovery takes Resident placement very seriously.  Connection and support are paramount for a sustainable recovery.  As such, it is important that all Residents feel a level of comfort with the people they are living with.  Through a careful screening and interview process, prospective Residents are placed in the most suitable available home.  Current Residents of the home will be given the opportunity to interview the prospective Resident in an effort to mitigate any potential issues.  The ultimate decision to place an individual in a home lies with the Program Coordinator however the current Resident input is taken strongly into account.

There are two distinct programs to consider when applying for residency.  The applicable program is dependent on the stage of recovery the prospective resident is in.

Early Abstinence Sober Living

This program is for individuals that are in the early stages of their recovery.  It is for individuals that may be coming out of detox or jail and require a stable and healthy environment to begin their recovery journey.  It is for any individual that requires an environment that allows them the support and structure to focus on staying clean and sober.  Residents in this program are strongly encouraged to apply for treatment in a residential treatment program. The early abstinence sober living program provides a safe environment while they await for an available bed in a suitable residential treatment program.

Early Recovery Sober Living

This program is for individuals that have completed residential treatment and have some clean and sober time already under their belt (minimum of 3 months).  Residents will have already completed a residential treatment program and are looking to build on the tools and techniques they acquired in the program.  Early recovery sober living will provide the individual an environment that is conducive to recovery, providing peer support of like-minded individuals as well as professional support.  This program is an important step for recovering individuals to begin reintegration back into society.

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