Admission Information

Admission Requirements

  1. Only individuals over the age of 18 may apply for admission into the program.

  2. Individuals seeking admission to the program must have completed an approved residential treatment program within six months prior to admission. 

  3. Individuals must have remained abstinent after completion of their residential treatment program.  Drug and alcohol screening will be conducted upon admission to verify. 

  4. All individuals MUST remain abstinent during their participation in the program and will be required to attend the life skills and addiction programming if they did not already do so as part of the early abstinence sober living program or drop in, prior to treatment.

  5. All applicants must be willing to apply for, and be accepted by, the social assistance program in either Alberta or Saskatchewan, or be able to cover the monthly rental costs of the program which is $520 per month.

  6. Full disclosure of all criminal charges and convictions for any violent or sexual offences is mandatory, as the safety of our staff and clients is of our utmost concern.  This disclosure will not necessarily result in the disqualification from the program, it is only required to ensure that this program is the best fit for both the client and the Residents in Recovery Society.

  7. It is understood that transportation to Lloydminster will be the responsibility of the client however we may assist in arranging payment through social assistance if necessary.

  8. It is agreed that a search will be conducted upon admission of all belongings and that the client will refrain from possession of all prohibited items as indicated on the Prohibited Items Form provided with this admission.  All prohibited items will be seized upon admission and disposed of, not stored.

Assessment and Acceptance

  1. Upon submission of a completed application form, please follow up with the Residents in Recovery office to confirm receipt and discuss the application. 

  2. Once the applicant has been placed on the waiting list, it is the applicant’s responsibility to touch base with the office every two weeks to maintain status on the list.  If the applicant fails to contact the office for a period of three weeks or longer the application will be removed from the list and they will be required to reapply.

  3. If it is determined that the program meets the client’s needs, all admission requirements are fulfilled and a room is available, an admission date will be provided to the applicant or their representative.

  4. If transportation to Lloydminster is required, staff will be notified, and a pick-up time and location will be set.

  5. If transportation is not required, a move-in time will be determined and provided to the client

Move-in Procedure

  1. The client will arrive at the office or residence at the time agreed.  Failure to arrive at this time may delay move-in as staff may have other appointments.  It is important to arrive at the agreed upon time.  If there is an issue with the agreed upon time or there are delays, please notify staff as soon as possible.

  2. Guests (family/ friends) are permitted to assist the client with their personal belongings upon move-in but will not be permitted to stay at the house to visit on the move-in day.  Guests may have to wait at the office for all paperwork and drug screening to be completed before transport to the residence. 

  3. Upon arrival at the office or residence, a drug and alcohol screening will be administered by the staff.  Results of the screening will be available immediately and assuming they are satisfactory the move-in paperwork will be completed.  If the results of the screening are questionable, a second test will be conducted to confirm the first results.  If the results of this second test are questionable, the client will not be permitted admission until such time that a satisfactory test result can be confirmed.

  4. After completion of the screening and paperwork, the client will be taken to the house if at the office.  Once the client’s belongings are in the residence and the guests have left, staff will conduct a thorough search of the personal belongings and ensure that the client is familiar with the Prohibited Items List. All prohibited items will be confiscated by staff and the client will be advised that possession of such items could constitute expulsion from the program.

  5. New clients will be given a tour of the house and introduced to their roommates.  This tour will be conducted by the staff House Mentor.

  6. The client will be provided with the keys and codes (if applicable), staff will answer any questions and the client will be left to settle into their new residence

Program Participation Requirements

  1. For those clients that have not already done so in the Early Abstinence program, all Residents in Recovery clients are required to attend all scheduled daily programming at the office or virtually.  Late admission to programming is not permitted.  Failure to attend programming may result in expulsion from the program.

  2. As indicated in the Conditions or Residency, each client MUST participate in a minimum of seven weekly peer support meetings, three of which must be the Never Too Far NA meetings.  Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the program. 

  3. Clients are expected to participate in all weekly social activities.  It is only with special permission from the Program Director that a client can excuse themselves from partaking in such activities.

  4. Clients are expected to complete all daily and weekly chores as outlined on the Conditions of Residency received upon admission.

  5. Clients are expected to adhere to a curfew between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM on weekdays and 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM on weekends.  Failure to adhere to curfews will be immediate grounds for expulsion from the program.  If it is necessary (i.e. medical emergency) to leave the property outside of curfew times, notification to the property manager is required.  Upon return, it is mandatory that the property manager be advised that the client is back and must present themselves for confirmation and inspection.

  6. Early Recovery clients are permitted to work, as approved by the Program Director and only if such employment does not interfere with their recovery and the Conditions of Residency.

Additional Requirements

  1. All clients must disclose to the Program Director upon admission, all prescription medications they have in their possession.  Medication compliance is the responsibility of the client however as it may impact other clients and staff, monitoring and verification may be required.

  2. Smoking and vaping are only permitted in outside smoking areas and not in the residence. 

  3. All appointments must be pre-approved by the Program Director and approval to miss any programming will be at their discretion.

  4. Although it is not mandatory, you will be encouraged to explore your spirituality by attending a church of your choice on Sundays. 

I acknowledge that I have read the above Application Information and understand that my submission of this application does not constitute acceptance into the program.

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