Daily Programming

How we provide a continuum of care for addictions


Daily Abstinence Support through Education

Staying clean and sober while waiting for a residential treatment program is often a daunting and nearly impossible expectation.  Residents in Recovery support individuals through this period with psycho-educational programming and interactive groups.  Enhancing motivational understanding, coping skill development and peer engagement help individuals maintain abstinence until they get into residential treatment, often one to four months.


Virtual Support Regardless of Recovery Path

Staying clean and sober is not everyone's recovery path.  Sometimes, mental health issues make it difficult to partake in group activities, and most often geography prevents access to daily programming such as this to support one's path to recovery.  The Residents in Recovery virtual programming is now available regardless of where you are or what your path to recovery is.  With the click of a button, you can become engaged in a recovery program every day.

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