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Early Abstinence Program Application

Residents in Recovery is currently in the process of developing a sober living program that serves individuals struggling with addiction while they await a bed in a residential treatment program.  Individuals entering this program may be coming out of detox, jail or remand.  Individuals may self-refer.  

There are a few requirements for individuals to enter into this program (exceptions to be reviewed on a case by case basis).

  1. Residents must be clean and sober for a period of 7 days prior to admission.

  2. Residents are required to participate in the Life Skills and Addiction programming for the duration of their residency in the Early Abstinence Sober Living house.

  3. Residents must be working towards admission to a residential treatment program.  A confirmed bed date is required within the first 60 days of admission.

  4. Residents agree to adhere to all program and house rules.

  5. Residents must be able to qualify for social assistance or have alternate means of income in order to cover rent.

  6. Residents are required to attend a minimum of seven community based peer-support meetings (ie. SMART, NA or AA) per week.

Download Early Abstinence Sober Living Application Form

If you require additional information regarding this program, please complete the form below and we will contact you.