Families in Recovery Group

Residents in Recovery Families in Recovery Program is offering a 17-week program for Mothers in

Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery.

The Nurturing Program for Families in Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery is built on the principles of relational development. We believe that success and satisfaction of parents and children improve as certain essential factors become more vital and pervasive within the relationship.

These factors are:

Mutuality: Characterized by a dynamic, interactive sensitivity and responsiveness

Authenticity: Freedom and ability to live within the relationship at a high level of exposure and vulnerability

Empathy: A process by which the disclosure and sharing of oneself leads to heightened sense of self, and of understanding another; self-awareness and self-acceptance enhance awareness and acceptance of others.


Program Description

Parents will explore their childhood experiences, their fears, and their strengths, as well as the effects of substance abuse on themselves and their families and strengthen their recovery. They will develop self-awareness and build nurturing skills using a variety of techniques and activities that accommodate different learning styles. Each woman will explore their own process of development as adults in recovery and examine the parallels and differences in the the development of their children.

Who Should Participate?

Adult women with children age 0 to 16 years, who are in treatment and/or recovery for substance abuse problems and are in parenting relationships with their children. Participants need not to have custody of their children to benefit from this program.

How to Register

Contact Residents in Recovery and/or complete and online registration at Click Here.

When & Where

Wednesdays from 10am to 11:30am at the Residents in Recovery Downtown Programming Centre

The program will be offered each Wednesday from 10am to 11:30am at the Residents in Recovery Downtown Programming Centre. There are 17 topic areas presented in the program. Each topic area represents a 90-minute group-based session. The first session will occur on March 24, 2021 and will run weekly, except for a break during the summer. The ongoing nature of the group allows for rolling admission. Participants will be able to complete all 17 session no matter their start date.



Free of Charge

This program is made possible as a result of an FCSS Lloydminster funding grant.

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