Life Skills Programming

Needs Identification and Basic Skills

Needs Identification and Basic Skills provide the participant with basic information that they require to live in today's society.  From basic survival needs such as food, clothing and shelter to more advanced skills such as numeracy, literacy and internet skills.

Basic Human Needs

  • Maslow's Hierarchy of needs

  • Food, Clothing and Shelter

  • Connection

Food and Nutrition

  • Healthy Eating

  • Cooking for One

  • Food Bank and Community Meals

 Personal Health and Oral Care

  • Hygiene

  • Oral Care

  • Medications

  • Immunizations

Numeracy and Literacy Issue Identification

  • Basic Math Skills

  • Reading and Writing

Information Technology

  • Internet

  • E-mail

  • Social Media

  • Search Engines

Independant Living Skills

Independent Living Skills provides the tools and the means required to survive in today's fast paced society.  From managing time and money to knowing where to turn for support, this module helps ease the stress of day to day life.


  • Birth Certificate

  • Health Care Card

  • Photo Identification

 Time Management

  • Developing a Routine

  • Appointment and Day Planning

  • Priorities

  • Goal Setting

​Budgeting and Bills

  • Budgeting

  • Wise Consuming

  • Prioritizing Bills

Banking and Credit

  • Bank Account

  • Check Cashing

  • Credit and Credit Report

Community and Social Supports

  • Human and Social Services

  • Housing and Shelter Services

  • Mental Health and Wellness

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Peer Support (AA, NA, SMART and others)

Social Skills

Healthy relationships with ourselves and others are necessary for a happy and meaningful life.  Social skills and self-esteem are necessary for positive interaction with others.

Interpersonal Skills and Assertiveness

  • Verbal and Nonverbal

  • Active Listening

  • Emotions

  • Assertiveness

  • Conflict Resolution


  • Family

  • Friends

  • Support System

  • Boundaries

Self Esteem

  • Barriers to Self-esteem

  • Building Self-esteem

  • Confidence

​Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors

  • Open-mindedness

  • Rational and Irrational Thoughts

  • Beliefs and Fears

  • Anger and other Negative Emotions

  • Destructive Thinking

  • Guilt and Shame

  • Grief and Loss

  • Affirmations

Education, Training and Employment

Some jobs require a certain level of education and specific training. Helping individuals identify what is required and how to acquire will help them achieve their goals.  For those individuals that already have the necessary skills and training for the job they desire, we will help them build a strong resume and cover letter, help them find their job and prepare them for the interview. 

Educational Upgrading

  • GED

  • College or University

  • Trade Training

Specialized Training

  • First Aid and CPR

  • Tickets (eg. Dangerous Goods, H2S)

​Resume Building

  • Building a Resume

  • Cover Letter

Job Search and Interviewing

  • Job Basics (ie. F/T, P/T, seasonal, discrimination)

  • Internet Search

  • Job Bank

  • Networking


  • Value of volunteering

  • Finding opportunities

Mental Health

The mental health module is a combination of awareness, education and coping tools.  Recognizing the risks and warning signs helps to prevent further negative consequences or worse, even death.

 Mental Health

  • Self-care

  • Types of Disorders

  • Co-occurring Disorders and Dual Diagnosis

  • Compulsive and Obsessive Behaviors

  • Trauma

  • Mindfulness


  • Types of Stress

  • Effects of Stress

  • Avoiding Stress

  • Managing Stress

Time for a Change

  • Values

  • Cost Benefit

  • Change Plan

  • Maintaining Motivation

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

  • About Suicide

  • Recognize the Signs

  • Intervention

  • Crisis Lines and Support

Asking for Help

  • Community Resources

  • Phone and On-line Support

  • Stigma


The legal module is meant to educate participants as to their rights, the legal process and options available to resolve outstanding issues.

Human Rights

  • Basic Rights

  • Where to Get Help

 Crime and Consequences

  • Legal System

  • Policing and Enforcement

  • Cost of Crime

  • Consequences

Legal Aid and Fine Option

  • Legal Aid System

  • Other Legal Support

  • Fine Option Program

 Family Law

  • Mother's Rights

  • Father’s Rights

  • Family Maintenance

  • Custody and Visitation Agreements

Harm Reduction

The harm reduction module explores topics that aim to reduce the harms associated with use of psychoactive drugs by individuals that are unable or unwilling to stop use.

Community Harm Reduction Services

  • Harm Reduction Supplies

  • Needle Exchange

  • Information

Communicable Diseases

  • HEP-C

  • HIV and AIDS

  • STIs

​Smoking Cessation

  • Consequences of Smoking

  • Nicotine Replacement Products

  • Prescription Smoking Cessation Drugs

  • Support Programs

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