Post-Treatment Sober Living

Supported Reintegration Back Into the Community

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Residents in Recovery provides a stable environment to continue one's recovery journey.  Residential treatment is just the beginning as addiction holds no cure.  Putting the tools learned in treatment into practice in the real world, takes time and support. 


Many are facing the reality of years in addiction for the first time and this can be quite overwhelming.  Support in piecing one's life back together makes it much more manageable.  The financial situation faced by many would leave anyone stressed.  Often individuals still have outstanding legal issues or conditions.  Others are faced with an uphill battle to be reunited with their child(ren) and families.


At some point, reintegration back into the community as productive members of society is the goal.  Some individuals will find work, others will return to school, some will once again become mothers and fathers, and most will find a way to include their recovery in their reintegration plans.  

Treatment is often seen as the solution to addiction when in fact it is actually just the starting point.  Recovery that is supported through the first year will result in much more positive outcomes and long-term sustainable recovery journeys.