Pre-Treatment Sober Living

How we provide a continuum of care for addictions

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Residents in Recovery's Early Abstinence Sober Living Program provides supported sober living for those starting their recovery journey.  Whether coming from jail, remand, detox or home, our Early Abstinence Sober Living Program may be just what you are looking for to bridge the gap until you get into residential treatment.

Individuals that desire to get clean and sober upon being released from incarceration or detox are faced with the greatest continuum of care gap that exists in the treatment of any disease or ailment.  Most individuals are left to fend for themselves with little to no support, and a society that has stigmatized these individuals into the shadows.

Residents in Recovery's compassionate and empathetic program breaks through the barriers, provides person-centered approaches to recovery and embraces any individual that wants a different life, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or age (over 18).  Our aim is to provide on-demand services with as few barriers as possible.  If something is preventing you from getting clean and sober, let us know.

The program takes advantage of the wait times for residential treatment by laying a foundation for recovery.  A safe, supportive and therapeutic recovery environment in the first few months of recovery greatly improves outcomes, reduces relapse rates and yields long-term sustainable recovery programs.