Our Programs and Services

How we provide a continuum of care for addictions

Sober Living

Bridging the gaps in the continuum of care for addictions treatment.  Self-referred access from detox, jail or any living situation.

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Family Sober Living

Supported reunification with child(ren).  Post-treatment recovery with a focus on parenting, building recovery capital and connection with community organizations.

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Outpatient Recovery Program

Daily psycho-educational and therapeutic support groups.  Barrier -free and cost free, on-demand access to support.

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Sober Living

Supported reintegration back into the community.  Build recovery capital and put your treatment tools to work.

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Diverting the need for apprehension of newborn children that have been born with drugs in their system.  Mother and child are supported in a pretreatment sober living home with 24/7 care.

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