Bridging the Gaps

Bridging the gaps between detox or jail and residential treatment, combined with wrap around services in early abstinence, greatly increases the chance of a successful recovery.  Two of the greatest barriers to early recovery are a healthy environment in which to start the recovery journey and working through obstacles as they arise.  Residents in Recovery addresses both of these.

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Early Abstinence


(Post-Detox / Pre-Treatment)


A healthy environment is paramount for a successful recovery program.  The Early Abstinence sober living program is accessible to both men and women that struggle with addiction.  The only requirement for admission is that they have been clean and sober for a period of seven days and plan on attending a residential treatment program.  A seamless transition from detox, jail or any other environment will be facilitated by Residents in Recovery.  The sober living program will support and encourage the struggling individual while they await treatment.

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Residential Treatment


(Life Skills / Addiction)

Residents in Recovery offers programming for both residents and individuals in the community to help them develop skills, reduce risk and understand their mental health and addiction issues.  Morning programming is centered around life skills development helping them address outstanding issues and build confidence.  Afternoon programming focuses on mental health and addiction.  These information sessions build awareness about one's self and addiction as a whole.  Without getting too deep, programming provides the basics while distracting them from the draw back to active addiction.

Early Recovery


(After-care / Post-Treatment)


It is important to understand that there is so much more to recovery than just detox and residential treatment.  Detox provides a safe withdrawals from substance use, Early Abstinence sober living provides the basics and a distraction from continued use and residential treatment addresses the underlying causes of the addiction and the tools to cope.  The does however remain a lot of work yet to be done and a healthy recovery-focused environment like Early Recovery sober living facilitates the reintegration back into the community as a healthy individual.

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On-Line Daily Programming

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Residents in Recovery provides healthy environment for those struggling with addictions to begin their recovery journey.  A combination of sober living and daily programming immerses these individuals in a life of recovery with other like peers.  The sober living home provides a worry free and structured environment that allows individuals an opportunity to maintain their focus on recovery.   The daily programming provides an opportunity to understand themselves and their disease in order to prepare themselves for treatment or build on their existing recovery.

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Residents in Recovery provides support in all areas of the client's lives.  We work to eliminate or minimize the impact of barriers on an individuals recovery journey.  This process starts even before individuals become clients.  We will arrange detox and provide transportation.  Unfortunately transportation is one of the greatest barriers in a rural city such as Lloydminster.  We will then work with them to arrange counselling, doctors, psychiatrist, dentist, probation and other appointments as well as provide transportation to these appointments.  We work with our clients to resolve identification issues, income support issues, child and family services issues and much more.

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The Residents in Recovery program and services can be accessed same day without any waiting period or appointment.  Individuals that walk in off the street will be provided support on the spot.  Once an intake is completed, and the individual is not under the influence they could in fact start daily programming the same day.  Services such as arranging detox, setting up counselling appointment or working on treatment applications can also be addressed in the same day.  Individuals no longer have to wait days, weeks or months to receive the help they so desperately want and need.  Residents in Recovery is here to meet clients here they are at and work with them to find a solution that works.



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