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Application Procedure

The Residents in Recovery Family Treatment Program is a nine month (minimum), two stage, program that transitions the family from community living, with 24/7 support and supervision, to independent living, with in-home support and 24/7 monitoring.  By completing this application, you acknowledge that you understand that this is a fee-for-service program and funding must be arranged prior to admission.  Completing this application does not guarantee that you will be admitted into the program.

Please ensure that you are following the application procedure in order to avoid processing delays.  We will do our best to accommodate urgent situations and door-to-door transitions.  

Step 1:  Please complete (Social Worker may complete) the  Application Form below.  Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and waitlisted within 48 hours.  If the application is urgent, please call Tyler at 1-877-201-3955 or e-mail

Step 2:  If not already done so, please give the office a call to confirm receipt and ensure the application has been waitlisted.  Call 1-877-201-3955.  Please ensure that you have provided a current contact number as you be receiving a call to arrange an assessment interview.

Step 3:  After a review of your application and consideration of your circumstances, you will be contacted to arrange an assessment interview or to be advised of other treatment options.  It is important to understand that this is a fee-for-service program and funding must be arranged prior to admission.  We can support you with funding options.  Please have funding details available for your assessment interview.

Step 4:  The assessment interview will take 30 - 45 minutes and will explore your readiness for change and your ability to complete a long-term intensive program.  This will also be your opportunity to ask questions so have some ready.

Step 5:  If your interview goes well, funding is in place, and a bed becomes available, you will be e-mailed a Service Contract that will have to be signed and returned.  It is only after we receive a signed Service Contract will your intake date and time be confirmed.  This is also another opportunity for you to ask any lingering questions.  Once  the contract is verified, you will be provided a date an time to arrive at the Family Healing Center or other location.  We will do our best to accommodate transportation schedules and Social Worker interventions.

Step 6:  Once you arrive at the Family Healing Center you will be greeted by staff and your intake will begin.  Your family / transportation or Social Worker will be required to stay at the site until you have passed a drug screening test.  You are required to be abstinent for a period of 7-days prior to admission.  Once your test is passed, your transportation will be asked to leave.  All belongings will be searched and once cleared, returned to you in your room.  Belongings include children's belongings.

Welcome to the Residents in Recovery Family Treatment Program.  We are here to support you through the next nine months or more of your recovery journey.

Download Fillable / Printable Application Form

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