Family Sober Living - Family Healing Center

Supported Integration with Newborn, Infant and/or Toddler

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Residents in Recovery provides a stable, recovery-oriented environment for mothers that have just had a newborn baby, an infant and or a toddler that is at risk of apprehension, or has been apprehended.  The Family program allows mother to retain custody of her child with the wrap-around support of the inpatient recovery program at the Residents in Recovery Family Healing Center.

Maintaining the connection between mother and child is one of the greatest motivators for mothers to get clean and sober.  Providing an environment and the opportunity to do this, while maintaining care of their newborn child, is a major step in the prevention of adverse childhood experiences.  Leveraging mother's desire to care for her child, change is possible for many.  Given the right support, this desire to parent and a healthy and supportive environment, mothers no longer have to get lost in active addiction for moths or years, while they come to terms with the apprehension of their child.

Some of the features of this program include.

  • Prenatal and birthing support

  • Postpartum support

  • Lactation consultation

  • In-house addiction recovery support and programming

  • In-house addiction counselling

  • Cultural support, activities and ceremonies

  • Sharing and healing circles

  • In-house peer support meetings

  • Life skills development

  • Parenting skill development

  • Recreational and craft activities (i.e. quilting, sewing and scrapbooking)

  • Equine assisted learning

  • Many other activities included

This is a fee-for-service program that is available to organizations that have a contractual arrangement with Residents in Recovery Society or anyone wishing to private pay for services.

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  • Must have substance-use disorder

  • Must be pregnant in third trimester or have child(ren) at risk of CFS involvement

  • Fee-for-service program and must have funding source (First Nation Prevention, Family Services, Band funding, Jordan's Principal funding, or Private funding)

  • This program is a 90-day in-patient treatment program 

  • Children must be under the age of 12 years old. 

  • No more than three children residing with mom