Family Sober Living - Single Parent

Supported Reunification With Child(ren)

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Residents in Recovery provides a stable, recovery-oriented environment to support the reunification of children back into their full-time care.   The reunification process can be overwhelming and may lead to stress and even potential relapse.  Supporting this process reduces the chance of relapse, thereby minimizing further disruption in care with the children.


Supporting the reunification of children back into care with their mother is the ultimate prevention strategy.  Adverse childhood experiences are a major determining factor for future mental health and addiction issues.  Minimizing these adverse experience and reinforcing attachment, will impact the future for all children involved.  Fostering a healthy home environment, will have a positive impact on the entire family, immediate and extended.


This program also aims to support reintegration back into the community.  There are numerous programs for families and children that further support healthy development.  This program connects parents with as many community supports as necessary.

Treatment allows the parent the opportunity to heal themselves.  This is only the start of the process.  Addressing trauma, healing the family unit, child counseling and behavioral changes for the entire family unit have yet to be addressed.  Facing all of these is much more positive when living in a supportive and recovery oriented sober living program.