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Outpatient Recovery Program and Services

Supporting Multiple Pathways to Recovery

Staying clean and sober while waiting for a residential treatment program is often a daunting and nearly impossible expectation.  The intensive outpatient program supports individuals through this period with psycho-educational programming and interactive groups that will keep you engaged in your recovery.

  • Free registration

  • On-demand with no wait lists

  • Trauma-informed and culturally competent

  • Multiple evidence-based curriculums

  • Psycho-educational, specialized and process groups

  • Coping skill development and emotion coaching

  • Motivational awareness and goal planning

  • Strengths-based approach

  • In-person and virtual options

Staying clean and sober is not everyone's recovery path.  If this is the case, our victual option may work for you.  Perhaps mental health issues or other obligations make it difficult for in-person participation.  If this is the case, our victual option may work for you.  The Residents in Recovery virtual programming option is now available upon request.  With the click of a button, you can become engaged in a recovery program Monday through Thursday.

The Residents in Recovery Center, located in downtown Lloydminster, offers a number of other services as well.  Some of these services include the following.

Harm Reduction

  • Take-home Naloxone distributor for AHS

  • Harm reduction vending machine token distributor for SHA

  • Yearly host for walk-in sexual health clinic with SHA

  • HIV and HEP-C testing coordination

  • Navigational support for individuals considering recovery, including detox referrals

Family Childcare 

Residents in Recovery has trauma-informed childcare specialists and a large Child Educational Facility to care for children while Mom or Dad attend the Intensive Outpatient Recovery Program.  Rates for this service are very reasonable.  This facility utilizes the HiMama app for communication with parents.

Peer Support Groups

Information on how to access 12-step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, All Addictions Anonymous, Codependents Anonymous; Christian based groups such as Celebrate Recovery and Bible Study; Secular groups such as SMART Recovery.  Check your local meeting list for days and times for meetings in your area.

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