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ID Program

Supporting our City's Most Vulnerable

Program eligibility

At the present time clients who are homeless, at-risk of becoming homeless, recently incarcerated, in a treatment facility or very recently housed are eligible. Individuals need to be 18 years or older (or an emancipated youth), have lived in Alberta or Saskatchewan for 90 days or longer and are legally entitled to remain in Canada.

What types of ID are covered?

The focus of this Program is assisting clients to obtain Government photo ID and Personal Health Cards. In some specific instances, clients can be assisted in obtaining birth certificates.


Who covers the cost of the ID

Where possible we encourage clients to pay for their IDs. Where this is not possible, the Program will cover the costs for IDs, as we don’t want clients to experience any further barriers to obtaining much-needed programs and services. Residents in Recovery is supported through a grant through the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation for these IDs. The ID Program itself is funded through grants from Rural Development Network and Reaching Home as well as funding through FCSS Lloydminster.


What can you bring to speed up the process?

Any document that has a client’s name may be helpful. Any information that can verify or support is who you say you are, or that you been an Alberta or Saskatchewan resident for at least 90 days, is beneficial. Examples of supporting documents:

•Provincial Personal Health Card

•Bank Statements for 3 months

•Baptism Certificate

•Birth Certificate

•By-Law Tickets

•Canadian Military ID

•Expired Driver’s Licence or ID Card

•Federal Corrections Card

•GST Cheque Stub

•Income Benefit Card

•Lease Agreement

•Legal Documents


•Pay Stubs for 3 months

•Shelter Letter

•Status Card

•SIN Card

•T4s from Current Employer

•Utility/ Cell Phone Bills

•Photocopies of Documents

•Anything other documents with client’s name on it.

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